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I'd like to start with a loose quote from the movie the "Matrix".

- *Oracle*-

If the Matrix is doing what it's suppose to do, everything works fine.


Well why is this happening!?

- *Oracle*-

It's when someone is doing something their not suppose to do is when we run into all the problems. Everytime someone says they saw a ghost or a spaceship it's really some program doing something it's not suppose to. Some would rather stay in the matrix when faced with deletion.

Well that's not a prefect quote, but it's close enough to make my point. That we have many blind properties in regards to seeing the truth. Guess what? I know something that many of you don't. Wanna know!? I bet you do. Why!? I know that to. Hehe! I don't know everything. But the things I do know I know really well. Any way. I hope you enjoy some of my points of view. If there is anything you would like to discussion, feel free to email. Not. Hehe. Just kidding. Email Me


bad for your health
bad for your health

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