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What if I told you that the first people to walk this planet where African. That's a pretty known fact. But did you know that when someone arrives to a place first they usaully have stuff named after them. For instance, Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus. America use to be populated by Native Americans. Eventhough the native American was eliminated we were smart enough to keep most of the names the used for rivers, cities and regions. Well what about the earth. Didn't the earth belong to the first people to walk it? But again, like the native American, the African was almost destroyed by 500 plus years of slavery. This face is enough to cause an imbalance in our human eco-system.

Not only has Africa been damaged for all the bad things done to it's people, but the current state of Africa is causing a hugh imbalance in our world. Diamonds and gold and oil are taken with any payment to the people of the land. Although Africa is has the richest mineral and resource deposits in the world the country is among the poorest in wealth and education. You should find this amazing. Africa had a head start among all the nations of the earth, but yet it's probably in worst shape than the poor city in the U.S. Maybe you are a bit prejudice and you are thinking, "I don't care about them people", maybe you feel threaten by the simple fact that Africans owned the earth and they may try and take it back. I think that is the real issue. Who has the title to this world? And when do we reconize a document as legal? Get more on this at The Lair of the Dark Genie.

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