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It's been said many times that what you don't can hurt you. Well I'm here to tell you that what you don't know is designed to hurt you. Did you know that in most basic medical research a 5% error is standard in determining if a medicine or surgical procedure will work as expected. In other words most medicine has a 5% chance of injure/killing you when you take or participate in the activity. If you can't take my word for it go to "The New World Order".

If you go to the site listed above you will see some surprising facts. Did you kow that every year hospitals perform over 100,000 unnecessary surgeries. Very scary stuff, especially when you consider that 170,000 people die every day.

The world is a dangerous place. In some regards we are nothing more than wilderbeast. In many cases our survivial is dependent on someone us getting in the way of the tragedy that could have very easily been for us. You can believe that when a child is kidnapped that outside all the obvious feels a family may feel, they didn't think that it would ever happen to them. I'm sure that everyone involved in the Columbine incident felt exactly the same way. I practice to implement into you lifecycle routine is to always prepare for war in times of peace. This is because if you wait until the arrives at your front door it will be to late. If you are picking up, what I'm throwing down then let us continue.

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